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The SICA team is currently creating a Community Platform as a safe space for
Subud members. Originally only for SICA, we would be happy to invite all other
Subud organizations "wings" as Susila Dharma (Social projects), Subud Enterprise, Subud Youth, and Subud Health to join us as in this endeavor.


We are designing and creating this online space to

- connect with other Subud members around the world

- to share our ideas, visions, activities, projects.

- to give and find inspiration, support, and expertise.

- to find our shared vision and goals to create something new

The community platform is currently in testing mode.  If you would like to be
part of the "testing team", drop us a line (below "Get in Touch") and we will
send you an invite link. 

In our Blog and Newsletter, we will inform you about any new developments.



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