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A kind offer from Suzanna Webb and her Irish School of Landscape Painting

After giving a free painting class some weeks ago during Lockdown, Susanna decided to offer the courses from her Irish School of Landscape Painting for the half prize to Subud Members during June :-)

Here are some details from her:

"Our monthly subscription of €60, so €30 to all Subud sisters and brothers, gives access to our library, plus inclusion in our weekly critique/review session where members send in their own paintings for comments/feedback.  Age range of participants is from 9 year olds to 90 year olds.  The library builds each week as another Livestream is added to the store of recordings.  The charge for a single class is €5 for our Subud members.

Currently,  we have two woodland scenes, one advanced in horizontal format and one vertical format simplified and shown in step by step over four classes in the style of CLAUDE MONET, alongside commentary on Monet, his life, and attitude to painting.  

Also, two different VINCENT VAN GOGH cottage scenes, again one with advanced colour and perspective, another laid out in very simple easy to follow steps.

Both of these are painted in oils and are equally applicable to acrylics, (a media which was not available to either Monet or Van Gogh).

Each month we take a different angle to explore our Art with and expand our awareness and technique through study of the Masters.  And sometimes we just have Fun with our paints (:

I would like to find a sufficient following to be able to offer a second stream per week in watercolours/mixed media.  If folks would like to feedback to me that there is a need for this then I will accommodate.  Currently my existing following is used to using oils so that is what I am demonstrating. A second demonstration in watercolours could be included in the monthly subscription if we can raise a sufficient following to enable it.  So, do share the website with as friends as you think may enjoy it and we can grow the library together."

You can find more about her school here.

And here are some illustrations of our recent work:

The Monet Woodland series

Cottages in the manner of Van Gogh:

About Suzanna

"I was opened in Subud September 1990 in Ireland. I was Irish lady KC last term. The Irish School of Landscape Painting was founded by my parents in 1957, and is now run by me. While we normally teach face to face, my son, Donovan, (always a problem solver), has introduced me to his world of technology. Now we are sharing our painting knowledge over the internet and just wanted to share the joy of this beautiful Spring scene. We walk the woods often, and it always lifts our spirits up."

Find more of Suzannas works here:

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