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About Theatre Maya

Theatre Maya is named after Maya Korzybski, a British Subud Member who with her husband Halim lived, off and on for a number of years in Central Kalimantan, and who, shortly before passing away last June, asked to have her ashes buried in Kampung Bali near what is now going to be a theater named after her.

Her involvement with cultural events, love of Kalimantan and the wonderful synchronicity of her name itself inspired us to name the theatre after her. We are grateful for the encouragement and support of her family in this undertaking.

Many Subud members own land and houses in Kampung Bali, which is a Balinese dominated area about a kilometer from Rungan Sari. This includes Gaye, Utami, Mansur, Osanna (Maya’s sister) Victor, Salamah, Wayne, Farlan, myself, and others. Basically we own land completely encircling the central area of the theatre and its lovely little temples.

The Dream

The manner in which I came to buy my land in Kampung Bali was rather strange. In 1988 I had a dream, before ever visiting the area, of a dirt road, a stream, a little hill on which were farm houses, all terminating in a circular area or ‘Balai’ of five little churches in a semi circle. I was in a car in the dream. I got out and found a man standing next to the second little ‘church’. I asked him what it was. He said “this is the place to unite all the religions”. Somehow his words sent a great shock through me and woke me up.

Ten years later I was working for Kalimantan Support Group as a team leader in their livelihoods project. I was driving down the road near Rungan Sari (which hadn’t really been built yet), and saw one of my team stopped by the side of the road with his motor cycle. This was Hari Wiloyo, a Subud member. He saw me coming and waved me down. He asked if I would be interested to buy a small farm that was for sale nearby. When I followed him on the dirt road I realized something strange like I was experiencing the environment of the dream. He took me to the little farm house and when I sat on the porch he brought me some leaves from the trees. They were citrus trees and sharp smell as I broke them in my fingers reminded me of citrus trees in the dream. I arranged to buy the house and land immediately. I did this despite the fact that there were no temples or churches at the end of the road, as there should have been if it were the dreamscape. I just suddenly fell in love with the place.

The following year my neighbor built a little chandi, a temple there. Near his house. I noted this with curiosity. But over the next few years others built temples there and there are now…. Yes, FIVE. Right where the road originally terminated and pretty much like they should have been, in the dream.

Another Subud member in the area also had a dream about this same spot, dreaming that there was a huge Palace there. And very serious local lore places a dragon’s nest right behind the location of the Theatre.

All this would have been curious enough. But a couple years ago the Hindu association, next to the existing temples, built a practice area for their dancers and gamelan. I finally had to tell my old dream to my neighbor, Pak Wayan Ragin, who had donated the land for the project. When I told him about “the place to unify all the religions” he was very interested. He claimed he would love to see the Balai used for community purposes and all religions. It was then the theatre idea was born.

In the development of this site there is a great role for many if not all of our local Subud enterprises, and what I must call Subud Companion Enterprises, or those run by friends of Subud members. This can be a lovely venue for Permaculture Kalimantan workshops, for Craft, Dance, Music and Performance workshops, a place where BCU school kids can outreach with their drama projects to the wider community, and for general community events needing an attractive and professional space.

There will be a continuation of current Sunday School activities, and continued use for the preparation of special Hindu events and ceremonies.

The immediate Subud businesses to benefit start with Makrus’ Borneo Adventure Tours and Eco Village which is nearby. Borneo Adventure would like to present Dayak and other ethnic stories and mythis to their tour groups- day or night.. These stories are a project I am working on at the moment with some local assistance. They will be presented in English or Indonesian with Dayak music and dance accompaniment for cultural flavor. These stories are amazing creatioin stories of the ‘Days of Adam’ not seen anywhere else.

Other tour groups, like Gaye’s river tour groups and even those operated by other operators in the area have expressed interest in bringing their groups to us when we are operational.

I have a background in Mask work and training, as well as development of plays. I have a post-graduate degree as a drama teacher. ITBT, a young and enthusiastic alternative theatre group in Palangkaraya, is planning to work with us to create a theatre training workshop for young people. I am truly excited at this opportunity to create fresh new cultural events and theatrical presentations in the area and to return to the world of my primary passion.

My friend from the ‘old days’, John Nobbs who runs OzFrank theatre of Brisbane has expressed his willingness to come to Kalimantan to run workshops for ITBT and locals once we have our group and theatre in operation. John was once the premier dancer of the ADT and has gained international acclaim through his unique acceptance within the Japanese world of exotic stage productions and Suzuki Method actor training. He and his notable wife Jakki would certainly make a splash in our little jungle town.

Osanna, Gaye and I, who have land located only tens of meters from the theatre are planning to build accommodation, and are thinking a kind of mixed world of relaxation, therapy and medical products produced right on our land. I have just completed the construction of a restaurant and a set of water therapies to compliment all of this, as well as a large essential oils distillery! Excitement grows as we realize that Subud is now controlling the development of the tourism, education, alternative farming, entertainment and adventure sectors in the area and that this is now exactly the clear growth sector emerging in the province!

For further information please read the blurb in the Gofundme site. We have chosen GoFundMe because funds are forwarded for our use monthly and it allows a public record for donations. We will be publishing a monthly accounting of the expenditures and a report on progress.

Note: if donating through GoFundMe you can also make a donation to them of x percent. However choosing ‘other’ and donating only a couple dollars is quite acceptable.

The site is:

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