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Connect with your light for humanity

Popayán April 8, 2020

Sisters and brothers

The Organizing Committee of the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CULTURE SICA LATIN AMERICA reports that it has decided to postpone it until 2021 in Popayán Colombia, in solidarity with the people of the world in this situation of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, because at a time of crisis is when most we need to be more human and develop our talents. Because, we have designed a proposal for the International Online Culture Festival called Connect with your light for humanity, which is that we are inviting you to participate by sending us a short video of what you do to share and make visible the diversity of knowledge of talents. Participants must create a short content, in video format, where they narrate what their cultural, artistic or heritage knowledge is, to later be circulated on public platforms or in alliance with other sectors with whom we had been managing for the festival.

The requirements:-

- Making a short video of his talent, shoots him horizontally. It can be a concert, conference, workshop, poetry reading, oral narration, crafts, among others.

- Presents who he is, what city and country

- and announces that it is for the International Festival of Cultural Sica Latin America

⁃ send it by Whatsapp +57 3164541902; +57 316 2985991 or by email and the organizing team will edit it to upload it to the festival's online platforms. Thanks a lot,

Organizing Committee

of the International Festival of culture SICA Latin America

email festivaldeculturasica@gma


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