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CULTURE COUCH with Adena & Alina von Hahn and Roland Fraval

CULTURE COUCH is a TV panel style interview show in which Harris Smart, editor of Subud Voice, interviews Subud members about their lives, loves, ambitions and spiritual experiences. He has been doing it now for about 10 years at Subud meetings and congresses including the world congresses.

In the Time of the Virus SICA encouraged Harris to do a Zoom version of the Culture Couch. In this program Harris interviews Roland Fraval (in Australia) and Adena and Alina von Hahn (in Canda). The participants all talk about what it was like to grow up in big Subud families and what are their big interests in life at the moment. For Roland it is the development of the YES Quest and for Adena and Alina it is the development of their fashion business.

If you like the designs by Adena and Alina that you see in this program, and support their eco-friendly approach to fashion, you can go to

They will even custom-make garments to your measurements.


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