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If you can´t go outside: Go inside yourself & then reach out to the World

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I feel now more than ever, it is time to trust God and ourselves, listen and courageously follow our inner guidance. Together, we are able to create a positive future for this world. We are able to come closer and strengthen our inner connection which comes through the power of God and helps us to thrive and come alive. Not only despite the situation but maybe because of the situation of the world. 

The Latihan can give us the feeling of being a brotherhood. Let us feel our connectedness of our Subudfamily through our inner culture in times of quarantine and isolation. Letting this time of physical isolation become a real worldwide interactive and inspirational Subud community! Let´s encourage each other to share what we love. 

Together with some SICA country chairs, we asked ourselves what SICA could be offering in this situation to our brothers and sisters? 

This is what we came up with: 

We would like to encourage all of us to co-create and share our Culture for this special time and our future.  Share your talents in live concerts & readings, cooking, dancing, conversations and sharing circles, workshops and more – all from your living room. We believe our Culture has mighty power for our Subudfamily and beyond. 

  • We are preparing "Conversation Circles" for Groups & Countries online via Zoom. Conversation Circles can be offered with different topics important to us in these times. Do you have a topic to share, and would you like to host a Circle? Get in Touch! We will collect and share all of it in our coming SICA hub.

  • We would love to create online classes via Zoom about writing, poetry, painting...etc.

  • We also created a SICA Youtube channel. You are invited to record your music from your living rooms. Dancing, yoga, reading poetry ... whatever ... Sharing our talents, thoughts, ideas, encouragements, and inspirations.

  • We would also love to organize live streaming of artists and talents around the world. Please let us know if you would like to share your talent or already have something planned. If necessary, we will give you technical support.

  • We are working on a webpage as a hub for all of us to find who, what and where is happening in the Subud world. 

We will let you know as soon as we are ready. We are also looking for those who would like to host different sharing circles for different topics!

So, in a nutshell: 

Who would like to share her/his talent? 

Who would like to host a conversation circle? 

What topics are you interested in?

Please send us a message if you would like to share your talent with us (music, dancing, yoga, reading, poetry, comedy.…) and/or need support in doing so, to

Stay well and happy! 

With love,

Rusydah Ziesel and the SICA Team

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