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Sica Latin America had planned in August 2020 to hold the First International Festival of Culture Sica Latin American  in Popayán Colombia South America.  And we had everything organized and without a coin but with good management that we had advanced before the city's universities and the city's government culture office.  But and we had to postpone it until 2021 in solidarity with the people of the world in the face of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, because we understood that in times of crisis it is when we most need to be more human and develop our talents.  And so we decided to promote the festival developing the proposal to make an Online Culture Festival with the motto CONNECT WITH YOUR LIGHT FOR HUMANITY, in the double meaning of La Luz (the light) for that of our guests related to cinema and for the internal light of each  Subud member, how from his inner being he develops his talents.  We had famous subud guests in show business such as Hammond Peek known for his two Oscars in the movie Lord of the Rings and King Kong, likewise Colombian film director Rubén Mendoza, winner of several awards for his documentary “Señorita Maria” and Fortunately, they will continue to accompany us at the 2021 Festival.

So the Sica Latin America Online Culture Festival has been a success because we started to invite artists and cultural managers, artisans and any subud member who could share a short video showing us what they do and the Organizing Committee of the festival did then editing it to upload it to the Sica and international Subud platforms.  This experience of the online festival has been very interesting because we began to receive videos from different parts of Latin America and the subud world and this fills us with emotion to find that diversity of talents and to be able to make them visible.  In addition, it has allowed us to connect and recognize each other.

 So then we began to circulate the videos on the different online subud platforms.

The VIRTUAL AND SICA TALKS on Saturday nights began precisely in quarantine on the night of the destination, which, due to the idea of the young people of the communications team of the National Committee of subud Colombia, has been a success because it emerged in a colloquial way to accompany us in  the nights and much more with the fast of Ramadan the audience grew to the point that brothers from different parts of the world began to connect, with special guests in a kind of panel where they expose their subud experiences related to their talents and people  Participate by asking them questions.

Sica Colombia and Sica Latin America participate with the contacts of the “famous” subud members and the recitals of invited subud artists an hour before the talks in online live broadcast.  Therefore, this activity has positioned the Sica talks and artistic recitals, in such a way that we are all looking forward to this long night activity in a time of pandemic.

This online process of the Culture Festival and the virtual talks with invited exponents and the artistic evenings of Sica Colombia and Latin America, has allowed to establish bonds of brotherhood, to be together in this global crisis of confinement, has allowed to visualize the variety of talents in the  brotherhood and being able to testify that this internal strength strengthens the great subud “company” as it is the same life of the people.

Paloma Muñoz

Rep Sica Latin America  

Dra. Paloma Muñoz Musicóloga y antropóloga Profesora titular Universidad del Cauca, Colombia celular +573164541902

Find the videos from the SICA Latin American Online Festival on the SICA Latin American Facebook Page and here.


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