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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

IN CONFINEMENT - SICA LATIN AMERICA REINVENTS LIFE! Enjoy the videos from the SICA Latin American Festival here:

Rachmadi Díaz is a bassist subud brother of Teusaquillo Bogotá Colombia, at the Online Culture Festival with his musical group.

FLORENCE CALDERON of Subud Pamplona Norte of Santander Colombia. Industrial Designer, study a specialization in Artistic Education. BOWARTE his artistic proposal works the handmade and digital line. Participate in the ONLINE Capsules of the International Festival of Culture Sica Latin America.

PATRICIO FERNANDEZ musician, guitarist and composer of the group Subud of Popayán Colombia. Online Capsule of the Sica Latin America Culture Festival

SEBASTIAN FLYNN violinist musician and from Australia links with the Sica Latin America Festival of Culture ONLINE. Thank you very much. It is important to remember that he was the president of SICA International in the previous 2014-2018 WSA period.

KRISTINA QUIROS, Subud Costa Rica. "GREEN" video in receiving state.

Monologue of ANGELA FISCó, actress, studied theatre and cinema, is Colombian of Subud Teusaquillo Bogotá, lives in France but quarantine caught her in Bogotá.

El Alfarero, Benito Fernández desde Camagüey/Cuba. Festival Internacional de Cultura Sica Latinoamérica ONLINE

Guest artist for the International Festival of Culture for 2021 in Popayán Colombia. Marimberman Kike Riascos from Timbiqui Heritage Group

Learn Salsa Caleña with Vivian Vannessa from Sica Colombia.


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