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Kalimantan in Frankfurt - exhibition from Mardiningsih

Art Exhibition Mardiningsih du Carrois Kalimantan Series Frankfurt, June 19th, 2020

“The consistency, of what is aimed for. Taking in all the beauty that nature provides, enjoying the bliss of gratitude. In all, it was an understanding of life, that what the earth gives forth, is for us human beings for the taking, if only we work on it, as we fellow Subud members strive to be, true human beings with the attributes of Susila, Budhi, and Dharma. In accordance with the guidance of the power of God Almighty.” Mardiningsih du Carrois

Our first outing after the pandemic and lockdown time was visiting the exhibition of our Subud Sister Mardiningsih du Carrois in Frankfurt. A beautiful ride through the German summer landscape took us (Eliah, Magdalena, and myself) from Bonn to Frankfurt. From German greens, we plunged into the lush greens of the Kalimantan rainforest. It was wonderful to get a glimpse into Mardiningsih’s inner world of perception, not only of Kalimantan but also of reflections on water (I forgot to ask, but it was probably the river Main running through Frankfurt). The Kalimantan paintings were the heart pieces of the exhibition.

We fell in love with one of her paintings in special… at the end of the exhibition, it will find a very special place in our home. We feel honored for Mardiningsih saying she is happy it will “stay within the family”.

Not to forget to mention the second Subud artist, Michaela Acker. Her abstract forest and water reflections were a good complementation to Mardiningsih’s work.

Unfortunately, Michaela was not present in person.

Königswinter, June 23rd, 2020 Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg

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