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Land of No Today

A 4-minute short film about to be released, based on theoriginal song by Subud UK

"I never had any ambition to make films. The latihan - and Bapak's words about courage and following inner promptings - somehow launched me into it. I was amazed that my first amateur effort, Malka, was screened by 15 film festivals worldwide and even won a 'best music' award." - Stefan Freedman

If you missed Malka at world congress you can follow the link below to watch it.

The new film LAND OF NO TODAY is a short film of hope, inspired by the visionary Bob Marley and his song ‘One Love’. A tonic for all who are physically or mentally adrift. Told in music with humor and stunning artwork, its message is that we are not alone. Together, we can overcome storms and monsters. We can find our way to shore, end oppression and build a new society. You can be curious about a totally different sound, look, and atmosphere, edgy and upbeat with a strong reggae influence.

"By the way," Stefan says: "Another of the central musicians in both films is our Subud member Adrain Lush, a multi-instrumentalist and very youthful, active 90 years old brother".  


"You are warmly invited to join me with multi-media artist Loïs Cordelia for the first-ever screening of our new inspirational film. The event will include live art, music on balafon and kore, a reggae choir, and a Caribbean-inspired buffet. We'll raise funds for Suffolk Refugee Support. * RSVP *"

For more details, please contact Stefan at

Watch his former film Malka here:



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