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Letter from the Chair

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I am happy to welcome Amelia Williams since a year as SICA Admin from US, Margarita Fisco from Chile, as the new secretary and Zaskiah Wongsodrono from Suriname, as the new treasurer in our team. (see below for more on them)

I am so grateful for the great people I can work with,

that's why here comes a newsletter that is entirely dedicated to our team because we want to be strong for you and with you. Everyone is very welcome to get involved because we need you, we need your talent, for more human culture and culture, as you know, is a broad field. That is why SICA is for all of us, not just for the artists because SICA is about becoming aware of our gifts, supporting each other in developing their gifts and sharing it for a better world.

Here is an extract from a talk from  Ibu Rahayu, about SICA and its meaning: 

97 GEG 1, Talk from Ibu Rahayu, Spokane, USA,7th of August 1997, , Provisional Translation PI-SH by Sharif&Tuti

"....As the latihan makes progress in the soul of each one of us, it will give rise to something new, leading to the arising of human culture. This is why we have established an organization for this development in Subud, which we call SICA (Subud International Cultural Association), which will become a vessel for whatever develops by way of our soul that has the character of culture.

This development will be very broad because it embraces every kind of talent that exists within our membership. So, for example, one who is a dancer will become a beautiful dancer, a singer will become a beautiful singer, and if this flowering takes place in the human intellect it will lead such a person to excel in medicine, architecture or some other discipline....."

With Love, 

Rusydah Ziesel

We are happy to introduce our new Team Members

From left to right: Amelia Williams (Administration), Margarita Fiscó (Secretary) & Zaskiah Wongsodrono (Treasurer)

Read more about the SICA Team and our new Board Members

The Network

We see ourselves as a network of networks. We are Connecting & and Sharing Talents Inspiration and share Ideas. For this, we are of course dependent on your information so send us your activity, ideas and projects so that we can make it visible to you.

Quest Community Programs

SICA works closely with SUBUD Youth International. Young people want to develop leadership programs. The Quest Community is one of them. Last year I had the opportunity to work with the Quest Community University team and we hope to develop this great program for Subud and outside of Subud. Unfortunately, the lockdown brought it to a standstill. Which does not mean that the team is doing nothing. They are building a new website and the business plan.

For more information about the Quest Community Programs please contact.

What we have done so far and still want to do 

During the lockdown, we (Ismanah, Eugenia, and me) had a strong feeling to use our technical tools like zoom for Conversation Circle and online classes like “poetry for kids” and “Zoomuse” from Emmanuel Williams, that allows us to feel also connected externally, together we developed some ideas, like the "Conversation Circles which started in French and India, and on an international level, SICA Youtube Channel where we always looking for more videos, we created a SICA Web-hub for events and our vision is to offer it to all Wing activities. We got a great offer from Sofian Harris who created a marketing platform “task4 good”. That will help us in SUBUD to make self-employed people visible.

We see a strong collaboration with SESI here, and of course, we want to give artists the opportunity to show their art and sell it worldwide. An online gallery for artists is in progress, and more to come soon.


SICA requires a solid organizational foundation and Continuity to support be stay strong as an organization. You know that we change the SICA Chair every 4 years. On the one hand, this is good so that fresh wind comes in. On the other hand, it can happen that some work is not continued. To create a form of stability for SICA, in March 2019, we created the new position of an Administrator who will stay and continue to perform accounting, administration of services and contracts, filing taxes, and reports to legal bodies. Those tasks need to be done from term to term. It is sensible to continue doing them, rather than starting new each time.

Since 2019 our new Administrator, who will continue over our current SICA term, is Amelia Williams. With her professional background includes accounting, non-profit management, the arts, and many past positions within Subud, including Subud Britain Executive Chair, Subud California Regional Chair, and the Puebla gift shop, Amelia brings many skills and an awareness of SICA that is a perfect match for our needs. 

Read more about our new Administrator Amelia here.

Your Support has helped to make this Happen

Your SICA team has been busy developing exciting new opportunities for connecting members and sharing talents. The new website has been launched, with a new look, interactive features, and the new SICA Community HUB

The COVID closure has been an opportunity for members to use the SICA ZoomRooms to offer classes and entertainment, sharing talents and community. 

In process is another platform to help members market their services, goods, and talents. Look for this launch on the horizon.

THANK YOU for helping SICA shine the inner light.

Read more about how to support SICA to fulfill its purpose here.

With much love,

Rusydah Ziesel & the SICA Team


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