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Mimi The Cat - A Book By Riantee Rand

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

With illustrations by Richard Weiss, Riantee Rand has now published her first book of a series of cat stories for children.

About The Book

Mimi the Cat is a true story of a cat searching for a home she could call her own. 

Mimi chose my son Kyle, who already had 3 cats, to be her new master even though she already had her perfectly good home. In spite of all the rebuffs and obstacles she warmed her way into my son's heart and with great difficulty was accepted  by the 3 cats. Mimi's determination won my admiration and I decided to honor her with a book. Since then I had friends tell me of magical stories about their cats and I decided to make a series of cat stories for children. Mimi the Cat is the first.

See more about the book in this short video:

If you want to purchase the book

USA, Mendocino: You can buy Mimi The Cat at FOLKLORE - A shop next to Corners of the Mouth in Mendocino, for $12.99

or Contact and send a check for $12.99 to Riantee P.O. Box 484 Mendocino CA 95460 

Make sure to include your address.

To buy a copy of the book as non-local, please use your PayPal account and pay $14 with shipping. 

Riantee Rand

Read more about Riantee and her work here.


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