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My Journey Through The World of Color and Fabric by Lucia Boehm

In 1982 something happened that gave my life a new direction. Until this time I lived a very ordinary life. I married and together with my husband raised four beautiful kids. They kept me busy, and there was hardly any time for something else. Then one day I started to move my hands in Latihan in a very precise way. It lasted for about 1 1/2 years, and in all this time I could not figure out what this was all about. Every Latihan my hands moved and did the same thing all over again. At the same time I started to paint on silk. This was something very popular at the time, and because I was always interested in handicrafts, I had to try it out. In doing so, I discovered what these movements in Latihan wanted to tell me: screening silk and taking a brush to paint on it. I have told this story before and you can read about it on under People

Time went by. There were fashion shows at world congress, fashion shows in the area where I live. Then one day looking at my scarfs I realized I was always painting pictures. One thing led to another, and the next moment it was not silk but canvas I was painting on. Again there was a period of learning, doing, going out into the world, having exhibitions. But somehow I was never really satisfied. Looking back, I see that I had this little love affair with Patchwork and Quilt running in my head all the time I was doing my other things.  In my private library at home you can find all kinds of books about how to make a Quilt. Looking at books about American Art Quilts left me yearning to do something like that myself. I was fascinated by the endless possibilities one has in using fabrics, tiny little pieces of fabric and colors. Fabric and colors are two things that make my heart sing!

Give me a shop full of fabric and I forget about everything else. Over the years I managed to collect Batiks in all kind of colors and pattern, traditional ones but also the so called Bali Batiks. They have a vast variety of pattern and color and every time I look at my stash my heart flows over. And here I am, starting again something new but at the same time following the one theme in me that was always there and came to life through my Latihan: my love for color and fabric and the ability to bring it into this life.


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