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New Coordinator For Musicians: Arifin Zilleruelo

We are happy to welcome our new coordinator for musicians, our SICA Chile representative: Arifin Zilleruelo.

To show and share the work of Subud Musicians from all around the world, Arifin is going to create a YouTube Channel exclusively for Subud Musicians with original content.

This is what he writes:

"It is an absolute pleasure as the coordinator of this new exciting project.

We are hoping this project will excite you as well as it excite us as SICA representatives.

For this purpose we are encouraging all Subud members with music talents to get in contact with us and send your work so your talents can be display not only for Subud members but to the entire world.

There is no restrictions on the author stage of their careers, if someone is starting to make music or if you are a seasoned composer all are welcome to get involved."

To get in touch with Arifin, and to share your music on the new YouTube Channel, please send an email at

Arifin is looking forward to hearing from you!


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