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FUNDING the Work of SICA

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

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Improved cost efficiencies

We have taken steps to be more cost effective and improve operations.

This includes changing our donation processor to a new platform. We have moved from NetworkForGood to Qgiv, which has better fees structure. Our recurring donors have been alerted to resubmit their pledges by July. New donors are automatically directed to Qgiv through our DONATE button.

We have also assigned a new (legally required) USA Registered Agent, saving $350/yr.

Funding the SICA Administration

We were able to fund the new administrative position through 2019 to accomplish handover and set up of basic operations. We now must assure funding for the 2020 budget of $6,000. We have received commitments of $1,800 from the USA (Thank you to Subud Washington D.C., Subud Los Angeles and California members), so we are 30% there.

New Funding Model

We need to assure support for the admin position / office, and program services, such as our new SICA Community Village. In addition to the generosity of our monthly member donors, periodic contributions and the pledges to partially fund the admin position, we seek wider participation from the international Subud community.

As a new model we invite SICA National organizations and Subud National organizations to join the USA Regional commitments to assure that SICA has a solid foundation. A modest commitment by the official bodies can create a shared investment to assure that SICA can continue to provide services to members. Please include some earmark for the admin position.

THANK YOU for helping SICA shine the inner light and for your support!

Donations can be made here


By CHECK to the SICA Home Office in USA:


53726 N. Hwy 245

Miramonte, CA 93641


Contact Amelia for Bank, PayPal or Transferwise account details:


With love,

Rusydah Ziesel

SICA Chair


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