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New Spanish Blog For SICA

Hi, dear everybody, there is a new spanish blog for SICA, named Kebudayan Subud Madrid, where Spanish-speaking Subud members can share inspiration and cultural activities. Find here, what the founder of the blog, Mateo writes:

"My Subud name is Mateo (Miguel Bernal Ripoll). I'm a member of Subud-Madrid (Spain). I am a musician, and full organ teacher in the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid (Royal Conservatory of Madrid), where I manage the Ancient Music Department.

I noticed that Subud members working in culture are always asked to send information of their activities to SICA, but we usually neglect sending our contributions. Then I thought that a domestic initiative would make this task easy. Thus, I have created a blog (website) containing contributions of Subud-Madrid members in the field of culture. The aim of this initiative is contributing to SICA Spain, stimulating and encouraging contributions of members, collecting a show of their activities. The contents is also put at the disposal of SICA International. The address of the blog is:

The site is launching its course, and there are already some contributions.

This is how you can access to the blog:

  • The blog is private (to preserve some Subud information). The address is

  • It is of course open to any Subud member asking for an invitation.

  • In order to access the blog, one can have an invitation.

  • To ask for one invitation you can send an email at

Note that it is necessary to have a Gmail account, to access the blog. If you don’t have one you can create it from the same invitation.

This presentation of “Sway” shows how to access to the blog:

The aim and configuration of the blog are explained in this other presentation:

Sincerely yours, Mateo (Miguel Bernal Ripoll)"

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