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I used to belong to a political party. It presented a generalized philosophical point of view which pretty much matched my own, and every four years produced a document called "the platform" that was supposed to present a legislative program to implement the philosophy. I had been educated in the public school system to believe that this was the ideal way to conduct the business of government in a great democracy.

But as time went by, it didn’t seem that when either party was ‘in control’ that economic conditions changed much or that I could personally feel that the values I believed in were being implemented to any great degree. 

But I had had my college education, and did not major in Political Science, or pay that much attention to political affairs, assuming that those people involved on the national level had the same concerns as my local official who responded to my complaints about the potholes in the street.

Then I joined Subud, a spiritual association which promised me a contact with the One Almighty God, and delivered.  



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