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Share your Talents & Events on the SICA International Platform

You have a special talent and would like to create your own event & share it on the SICA platform?

SICA will provide an online platform(s) as well as advertisements and

distribution through our different communication channels to the Subud World.

The event itself will remain in your own responsibility and ownership.

We are happy to talk to you and assist in setting up your first event.

We put together some frequently asked questions to help plan your event.

To share your ideas & events, please connect with the SICA team through

Here, you find which information we would need to be able to

publish and advertise your event.

For better planning of your event, ask yourself - and

answer where applicable - the following questions:

1. What is your talent, your expertise, your work? What would you like to achieve?

  • Do you want to bring joy, to touch someone’s inner, to share your expertise or knowledge?

  • What is your event about?

2. What type of event will it be?

  • Live broadcast (just broadcasting, no interaction with the audience)

  • Webinar / Teaching (teacher, interaction with the audience)

  • Conversation Circle (host and interaction between all attendees)

3. Who is your targeted audience?

  • Who do you want to reach and touch?

  • Age, interest, knowledge, Subud member, non-Subud as well?

4. Frequency

  • Do you want to offer a one time event?

  • Are you looking for a regular frequency (for example once a week, every two weeks, once a month)?

  • Do you plan irregular frequency depending on demand?

5. Length of event

  • 20 minutes ?

  • 30 minutes ?

  • 45 minutes?

  • 60 minutes?

  • more?

6. Which Number of participants do you expect?

  • - For events without interaction with the audience, there may attend more than 20 +

  • - For teaching, coaching, and conversation we recommend a maximum of 6 -12

  • participants (depending on your specific event)

7. Materials

  • Do the participants need to be prepared, informed beforehand?

  • Will you hand out material during the event or after?

8. Publishing & Advertising

  • Do you publish and advertise yourself?

  • Do you use an event organizing platform as for example Eventbrite (

  • Will SICA be the sole platform to publish and advertise?

  • SICA will publish your events and offers on our website and in our Social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Community, and other social media etc.)

9. Choose the best platform for your needs:

  • Zoom

  • GoToMeeting

  • Jitsi

  • Google Meet

  • YouTube Live

  • Instagram Live

  • Facebook Live

  • Periscope (Twitter)

10. Do you need assistance?

  • When filming / live-streaming your event you might need some technical expertise or someone to assist you while filming.

  • The best is to have someone close to you.

11. Is your event free of charge?

  • Will you ask for a voluntary contribution?

  • Will you be selling tickets?

  • If you are selling tickets, would you be ready to donate a small amount to SICA?

  • Would you like SICA to ask for a voluntary contribution for you and other members offering events and distribute part of the donation to all?

12. Will your event be recorded?

  • Would it be available for publishing on our SICA YouTube Channel?

  • You need to inform and ask the participants if they agree to public publishing.

  • Is your event very Subud/Latihan specific? We would recommend posting and sharing only in Subud related and closed groups. Here again, depending on your participants agreement.

Download the Information Form

Here you find information we need to be able to publish and advertise your event. You may either fill out this form or send us a separate document stating all necessary information and data.

What we need to publish and advertise yo
• 162KB

Please send your event’s information to

For videos or larger files, please upload them to your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Wetransfer. Send us the link to be able to access the files. If you need support to set up your event, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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