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Latin America is inhabited by various indigenous peoples, mestizos, and Afro-American descendants, who are hard-working, struggling and loving people, preserving and defending their knowledge and diverse cultures.

With a territory like a voluptuous woman that mysteriously contours itself it leaves you in astonishment for its beauty of the mountains system of the Andes. Surrounded by two oceans, we are able to exchange our wisdom with the residents of the Caribbean and the Pacific islands.

As part of the human culture raised by Bapak, Sica Latin America tries to reawaken and to visualize the artistic and cultural understanding of this side of the world for our Subud brotherhood. Therefore a SICA Latin American team has been formed, a Facebook page for SICA Latin America has been created, and virtual meetings for the team has been installed. 



Ecuador has been present and active with different cultural events in which young people and other Subud members from Quito participate with music and dance, coordinated from Brigid Tapia León and Bernardita Dávila.


Amando Guerra & Vivian Vanessa

SICA CHILE: Letizia Perdomo

SICA CUBA: Frank Camilo (Juan) Sánchez


From the reflections on what Sica Latin America would be, it was considered to work on Bapak's human culture; to broaden the concept towards artistic and cultural knowledge in order to recover the hidden memories, the knowledge, people have built for years perhaps for centuries manifested in ritual, in cultural, symbolic meanings embodied in their crafts, in the cosmogonic arts, in the songs, in the bodies that dance, in the words and rhythms that have resisted the assaults of time and in the sacred traces with deep meanings of talents and life experiences.

From the meetings emerged conceptual reflections and proposals of projects to be put into practice.

We will work on cultural entrepreneurship projects at the local level of the countries and design two macro projects that will unite us as countries in the fraternity. There is the proposal to hold a Sica Latin America Cultural Festival, the host country and the theme would be chosen, and the other project would be to set up a virtual platform for the sale of artistic, artisanal products and the payment can be made by transfer; they are ideas of self-sustainable projects that have been emerging. 

SICA Latin America wants to be an inspiration to bring the new!

written by: Paloma Muñoz

Representative SICA Latin America


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