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Thierry Sanchez and Maya Bernardes (now Korzybska) had a number of companies in Paris in the 80's and 90's, with activities surrounding live concerts and the music business: Stage One, Rock MC, Music Point and later TMS and associates. The main activities were merchandising, pioneering on-line ticketing (le minitel) and CD/Video distribution in the tabacs (kiosks). Subud members as associates or employees were involved in all these activities; the company that employed numerous Subud youth to sell t-shirts at rock concerts was called Rock Merchandising Club – Rock MC for short.

Maya Korzbyska writes:

It was a real surprise and a stroll down memory lane, when Thierry sent me an article with photo he found when googling his name and Rock Merchandising Club, looking for archival material. Oh, the wonders of the internet nearly 30 years on.

Here we are: Thierry and Maya above on the right of the picture; on Thierry's right is Rolf Gibbs, with Hermas Lassalle beyond; Dahlan Lassalle (bending down front left of picture); below us, Pamela Lassalle on our right, Stephanie Nordrum on our left and Lisa Pfeiffer kneeling in front. These were the enterprising Subud Youth of 1984! (Check full article for a closer view and the accompanying French text)

I cannot begin to remember the names all the younger Subud members who worked for us on tours, concerts and other events; but for sure I remember Dylan and Osanna Vaughn, Richard Lassalle, as well as Paul Gawen, the Berger boys (sons of Lienhard and Roberta) and Robert Carré (son of Rashid and Rochanna).

Hey! Anyone who worked on a rock 'n roll concert in Paris in the 80’s please contact me! Just for the fun of it: bernardes.maya at

And before we get too holy holy about Subud enterprises associating with rock 'n roll (we know the expression drugs, sex and rock 'n roll), believe me this was a super clean crowd, who just had lots of healthy fun. What's more, one of the outcomes today of this, ‘oh so commercial, superficial, money making business,’ is Talent for Humanity and the Human Spirit Awards. Check out 


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