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Task4Good is a social enterprise founded by Sofan Harris in the year 2020. In 2020 many creative people are looking for new sources of clients and buyers for their services and goods.

At the same time, many nonprofit organizations are looking to find new sources of donors.

Solution: We have built a freelancer platform which helps organizations leverage their network to help find work for their members, thereby enabling those members to donate more to the cause of the organization. If you have a nonprofit org, we can make you a landing page like this:

You could then tell your members all about it and they select your org when they register on the website in order to automatically give you 15% (for example) of the money they earn on the platform while they are completing tasks, which they get paid for by other members of the platform/their community.

There will be two main types of users on These are Buyers/Customers and Freelancers/Service Providers. The first thing we need to do on the platform is to get a bunch of "Projects" (things that need doing) posted by the BUYERS, that can then later be completed for a fee by the FREELANCERS. And, Service Providers/FREELANCERS to post the services or goods they have to offer. When you 1st register there is a dropdown menu to select the nonprofit you want to support. If a person says their task costs $100, and they give 20% to SICA, with 10% admin fees (5% card fee + 5% to task4good), the person would keep $70, SICA would raise $20 and T4G would earn $5.

With this business model, everyone wins! The person purchasing the service is buying from someone they may already know, while supporting the organization. The person providing the service has a new source of clients and is supporting the organization. Task4Good makes enough income to keep the platform live. The organization (SICA in this example) pays nothing to have a profile on, and receives $20 as a donation.

Read and see more about Task4Good in the presentation here:

T4G User Experience
Download PDF • 2.21MB

About the Founder:

Sofan has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Hult International Business School (San Francisco, CA.), a BA in International Relations from Hult International Business School (London U.K.), a certification in Organizational Analysis from Stanford University, has worked for several technology companies, and as a community organizer/business representative for some of the largest nonprofit organizations in the United States. In the past, he has served Susila Dharma as a national chair (2006), SDIA representative at United Nations events (2014), and as SDIA board member (2019). In addition, he has served Subud as SYAI International Chair (2018), and Helper at the central London group (2005).

*Photos: Screenshot of the platform home page. Image of Sofan in 2014 at the United Nations in New York as SDIA Representative to United Nations Events.


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