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The new Position of an Administrator in SICA

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

As SICA requires a solid organizational foundation to support our work and vision, in March of 2019 we created the new position of an Administrator. Our Administrator's job is to create a stronger organization with a reliable office to perform accounting, administration of services and contracts, filing taxes, and reports to legal bodies. We need this to function from term to term, rather than starting new each time.

We, therefore, officially and happily introduce Amelia Williams as our new SICA Administrator since 2019. She is now our staying SICA staff, working with her Office in California. She and Latifah Taormina have spent months managing a transition of all accounts and organizational matters from Latifah, who has handled these many details for years.

Amelia’s professional background includes accounting, non-profit management, the arts, and many past positions within Subud, including Subud Britain Executive Chair, Subud California Regional Chair, and the Puebla gift shop. She brings these skills and an awareness of SICA that is a perfect match for our needs.

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Amelia lives in a California mountain community with her English poet husband, Emmanuel. With a professional background in non-profit management, Amelia has directed administration for organizations in California and England, including Executive Director of a California community art center, as well as administration for a retail high-end art gallery. In Subud, she has held positions nationally and regionally for Subud UK and Subud California, and she was the manager for the Puebla Congress gift shop. Amelia is also a mosaic artist, having arrived at this talent quite late in life.

"Some years ago, I heard a voice deep inside, “You will be shown how to paint in a new way.” It took a few years before I discovered mosaic. As soon as I touched broken tile, I could feel a visual energy moving from my hands to the material. I knew this was it!"

She is very pleased to serve SICA as the Administrator, bringing together her love of art, organizations, and Subud.

Funding for our SICA Administration

We have been able to fund Amelia´s position through 2019 to accomplish the handover and basic operations. We now must assure funding of $6,000 for 2020 budget. We have received pledges of $1,800 from the USA (Subud Washington D.C., Subud Los Angeles and California members), so we are 30% there.


THANK YOU for helping SICA shine the inner light and for your support!

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