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Using One's Creation Muscle


Any child accesses their Creation muscle with ease. Joy and enthusiasm comes easily to a child. Making up stories, drawings and inventions from thin air. It may not be perfect, nor work in the real world, but they don't care, in their mind it's going to work... discovering later that it doesn't work doesn't stop them from trying again a few moments later.

Why does that natural free flowing creation stop with so many of us? Our current education system has some responsibility in that... it doesn't like failures, errors, unknowns and thus discourages our use of that free flowing Creation muscle in us.

For some time now, my Creation muscle has been waking up and making a hell of a ruckus inside and whether it's business projects, health skills or useless cool inventions in my head, they all come from that same place inside. Today I'm mainly busy with health related projects.

It started a few years ago, developing iriscopes (tools to take macro photos of the iris, for health practitioners) mainly because I wanted but couldn't afford such tools. This turned into a business that I could make a living out, as I was good at this. 

In parallel, I'm developing software for health practitioners that will at the same time generate data very useful for researching in a holistic way. Its not yet ready and thus can't give you details, but this is going to be pretty exciting in many ways. (watch this space...)

It's strange when I look back at the time when i was in University and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and compare this to the feeling about my life now.

I'm convinced every human has Art, in a wide meaning of the word, that the world can benefit from. It's our duty to fight our inner Resistance and get our Art out there. If no progress is made, fear and/or pain turn up.

Although if one truly wants to progress, that pain can be a gift. Read this little story of the Buddhist monk Trungpa Rinpoche:

"Trungpa Rinpoche and some attendants were approaching a monastery on foot and for some reason no one was there to greet them. A large guard dog, a mastiff, protected the entrance to the monastery and he was snapping and fierce, frothing at the mouth, straining to get at them. At some point, the dog actually broke free and began to run toward them. Understandably, the attendants began to run the other way. Trungpa Rinpoche started to run, too—but right at the dog. At this point, the dog became afraid. He stopped, turned, and went the other direction."

Thus illustrates that what ever it is that is causing the fear or pain, when identified, target it, and you will know exactly what you need to do next. Work on what hurts, because it needs work on. If your shoes are hurting your feet, change shoes, don't just complain or buy plasters... Or identify what is it you resist doing the most? And start with that...I write this as I like the concept, but also to remind myself of this as I still have so much progress to make with this.

... a regular dose of surrendering also helps. More on Matthew's projects on his website!


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