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Veronica Herber - Making art piece by piece with "humble everyday masking tape"



New Zealand artist Veronica Herber writes: "I studied as a graphic designer on leaving school, as the idea of being an artist seemed fanciful and not practical enough.

My father was a painter and all my 6 siblings are creative, ranging from sculpting and fashion design to photography and painting (Renata Peek being one of them).

For twenty five years my artist identity took a back seat while I ran several businesses, raised 2 children and supported others through mentoring and life coaching.

Finally at 46 I gave myself the gift of studying Contemporary art practice for 3 three years at AUT University in Auckland New Zealand.

My chosen strand of art is process and materiality, where the purity of the material you use is allowed to fully express itself. I have discovered through intently focusing on one material and exploring every aspect of it's nature, you reach a state of simplicity and transcendence that seems to affect people when they interact with it. In my case I use masking tape which has the added appeal for me of being such a humble everyday material. Each piece is torn by hand.

The art installation itself creates a space where the viewer can meet it on another level of experience. This isn't a forced or even deliberate intention, it seems to evolve from my own immersion in the art practice itself. I find a meditative, serene place while making and it seems others find their own when experiencing the work, even if just for a moment. I strive for non-intellectual direct engagement. The installations are also a direct response to the chosen site which brings its own challenges and involves the element of chance as each site is different.

Since graduating I have experienced the blessed ride loosely called 'being in the flow', where everything falls into place and each interaction builds on the next. I have been accepted or invited into 5 sculpture shows, three of them major public ones. The Perth show, Sculpture by the Sea in Australia attracts over 250,000 people, which is light years away from my initial ambition of being a painter and one day showing in a gallery."  Visit Veronica's website.


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