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We happily introduce Margarita Fiscó, our new SICA Secretary

“We all creatures of this world are masterpieces of art in themselves. As human beings, we are capable of unimaginable things we create life, give love, happiness, feel sympathy, compassion. I sincerely believe humanity's incredible achievements are a tangible expression of a deep passion that lies within each one of us and makes us happy, a wonderful gift that God has placed in our souls to serve others and to awaken as "talent". No one should be deprived of feeling the great joy of discovering that talent”.

Margarita is an Industrial Designer who also has a postgraduate diploma in Commercial & Marketing Management. She loves to communicate in all possible ways, a quality her parents noticed from an early age when they discovered it was practically impossible to answer any questions from her, simply because no answer was ever enough. She has worked for different industries throughout her professional career, giving her a wonderful opportunity to explore and learn about varied business realities. Curious and hopeful by nature Margarita is convinced that children are the most genuine and pure expression of how amazing the world could be. Her brain is always busy with ideas and, as one of the newest SICA’s members, she hopes to bring her best to the team by helping to ease some of the tasks that need more than one hand and connecting the dots wherever it’s needed. She thinks it’s time to relive and make stronger than ever the motto SICA once had: “Life is movement. Let us move together”.

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