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Welcome to our new SICA Agency Manager Marianna Lassalle

“I believe every being has an inner light and that 'light' can really 'shine' through from the experience of sharing their inner talent.

Marianna Lassalle is SICA Britain chairperson. She has been involved in the Arts and Culture most of her life; from an early age she grew up in an Anglo-French household. In her twenties she finished her Performing Arts Hons Degree where dance and art were at the heart of what she did. Leading on Marianna has worked in managerial and practical positions in the Arts continuously. At present she is a partner in a high-end furniture making business Sebastian Blakeley Design, an administrator for some Cornish Artists; Jeremy Annear and Judy Buxton, and for a Home Care Agency, Kind Care Cornwall.

About Marianna Lassalle

Marianna is from a large Subud family. Her parents began their practice in Subud in 1956 at Coombe Springs, Kingston, U.K. Having grown up in Subud one could think Marianna wouldn’t know anything different; perhaps this is true, however from an early age she had a love hate relationship with Subud. She loved it for all the exciting activities the family were involved in and hated it because it took her parents away from her; they were always dealing with this and that, “our house was always open to any strange (in my young eyes) unknown person and it felt like an invasion of our space. I was so cross with my parents for not asking if we minded strangers in our house, I don’t think it even occurred to them that we might have an opinion.”

At the time, in her mind, her mother gave so much empathy away that she didn’t have the time or energy for her children. It was a contradiction because at the same time Marianna had a huge admiration for her mother for her generosity, love and her capacity for endless cooking, listening to and hosting whoever happened across the Lassalle threshold.

It was at Subud Ski camp that Marianna discovered and witnessed the Subud community for herself. At the time, an angry teenager, she felt the huge love and “comfortableness” from that environment, the feeling of connectedness and how these people let her be herself. When she came back from this camp she changed and realised she wanted to be part of this community and joined Subud.

Marianna’s life has always been involved in the Arts, she has a Visual & Performing Arts Hons degree which lead her to creating, organising or performing in many events, sets, concepts, performances, curating, paintings - including advert sets, murals, interior decoration and weddings, as well as organising and hosting a cultural centre for a summer in Southern Spain.

Presently Marianna has a partnership with Sebastian Blakeley Design as well as administration for some Cornish Artists and a small home care agency. Marianna says, “I want to get back to my inner culture.” Back in 2018 she went to a Yes Quest in Germany, it was held before World Subud Congress. It was during this time Marianna had a profound experience that kindled her knowledge that performance and art is a deep part of what she can bring and share on this planet. It’s taken time but now as it’s come from the “inside out” she knows it’s for real. “The experience I had was very powerful and is a feeling that has been growing ever since. I’ve come to this post to aid expansion and give ground to action. I feel ready for action and I’m willing to help others be in their own capacity to be, and to experience their true inner culture.”

For SICA, as our Agency Manager, Marianna is interested in promoting the Arts to share people's talents that enhances the core vibrations of humanity, helping to create a deeper understanding within the wider global community. 


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