Enjoy poetry in its finest, and listen to your brothers and sisters reading their poems. 

Every Friday, join poetry readings from Subud members all over the world.

Emmanuel Williams, Renata Reid, Colin Oliver, Daphne Alexopoulou, Rasunah Marsden, Paul Nelson, Miranda Hampton, Reynold Weissinger, Harris Smart, Marius Grose, and Stefan Freedman will each give you a Poetry special in a new way. 

Every week another poet will read his poems live on Zoom and each will share their work for around 20 minutes. Each reading will take place on Fridays at 11:00 AM PST which equals 7:00 PM London (GMT+0), Paris 8:00 PM (GMT+1). 


Please find your local time at www.timeanddate.com!

Please mind: The time for the Readings of Daphne and Harris will be slightly different and announced in the event. 

Find the poets of our upcoming readings below.  

Lauren Woodward Stanley is a practicing architect, advocate of nature in cities, outdoor enthusiast, and dabbling artist.  She lives with husband Lars, another architect and blacksmith, and two sons in Austin, Texas.  A native east coaster, she bounced between the southwest and northwest since 1988 and re-landed in central Texas in 2005, where she continues to carve out a home base with her family on the two-acre compound that includes their residence, studio, metalshop, and permaculture-based gardens.  While making buildings and spaces remains her life focus, writing has been a base line through her life, underpinning other pursuits like playing and writing music, speaking engagements, and civic activities.  She is a proponent of systems thinking and sustainable design across all of life’s disciplines, and enjoys idea brainstorms, crazy names for bands, drawing buildings by waving her arms, and all human expression that integrates spirit and form.

Please get in touch with Emmanuel Williams  who is the organizer of this event. 

Stefan Freedman - Poet Reading on June 3rd 2020

Adrienne Thomas - Poet Reading on June 26th 2020

Marius Grose - Poet Reading on June 19th 2020

Harris Smart - Poet Reading on June 12/13th 2020

Reynold Weissinger - Poet Reading on May 26th 2020

Paul Nelson - Poet Reading on May 26th 2020

Rasunah Marsden - Poet Reading on May 15th 2020

Colin Oliver - Poet Reading on May 1st 2020

Daphne Alexopoulou - Poet Reading on May 8st 2020

Renata Reid - Poet Reading on April 24th 2020

Emmanuel Williams - Poet Reading on April 17th 2020

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